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Joyner was founded by two friends who had become dissatisfied with the lack of availability of eco-friendly and sustainable products in the average store.

We took it upon ourselves to source the highest quality goods which were made with sustainable materials and production practices, and have a low impact on the environment.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to replace traditional retail with an affordable and sustainable alternative for every product which you might need in a 21st-century lifestyle. We’re not there yet, but we’re proud of the options we already offer our customers.

Take a look at our products, and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.


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Use Sculptra for Younger Looking Skin

Sculptra is a dermal enemy of maturing filler that helps in lessening substantial wrinkles. Anybody can go through a Sculptra in Dubai on any aspect of the body like nose, cheeks, and back of hands to eliminate hefty wrinkles, thick creases, and scars.

Essentially, Sculptra is a biodegradable manufactured material called Poly L-lactic corrosive that is effectively divided and consumed by the body. Sculptra tasteful enables the body to create characteristic collagen and simultaneously, mollifies the skin and make you look more youthful.

Subsequent to applying some neighborhood sedation on the skin, your primary care physician utilizes a fine needle to infuse Sculptra into the dermis. With some back rub, the gel easily enters the body and equitably spreads out to eliminate wrinkles and give you your ideal looks. As this is an open air treatment, everything necessary is fifteen to thirty minutes to give moment results.

Advantages of Sculptra

The advantage of utilizing Sculptra for a facelift is that it doesn't need any pre skin test. When you get infused, your skin tightens up to give you a new and energetic skin while eliminating wrinkles. Sculptra fixes hanging skin and eliminates scarcely discernible differences. With Sculptra results enduring around two years, it is one of the longest enduring outcomes from fillers.


Expanding is a significant result of Sculptra tasteful as it might last as long as twenty days all at once. There are opposite results that may happen like tingling and redness at the infusion site; which are negligible.

Like some other medication, it's in every case better to talk about the possibility of utilizing Sculptra with your PCP. In view of your clinical history, your PCP will have the option to offer you the correct guidance. Anyway it is better not to utilize Sculptra on the off chance that you have a functioning hypersensitivity, and in places which have a lasting insert.

Despite the fact that anybody may guarantee it conceivable to manage a Sculptra tasteful treatment, it is in every case better to have it done by an expert. Having your Sculptra meeting with an expert limits hazards, and furthermore gives you better outcomes with your cosmetic touch up.

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